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About Us

Who We Are

At Harsons we are pledged to healthcare for all Mankind. Harsons Surgico & Medico  was established in the year 1988 and located at Agra, the Company commenced manufacture of quality medical disposable devices for single use only under the brand name Harsons. Most importantly, the brand Harsons believe in maintaining its perennial essence of trust by involving latest technology, foremost quality, and innovative approach for delivering world-class products. Harsons has always anticipated the need and demand of the end customer to develop the best quality products in market. Harsons’s motto was to engage the latest  technologies in the manufacturing facilities to ensure the mark of safety in all of its products.

Harsons has achieved the greatness of being one of the top Disposable Medical Devices maker brands by providing superior quality for its products. We have a vast product portfolio, which caters to most of the patient need. Harsons specializes in a wide variety of medical disposable products applicable in almost all fields of therapy.

Our Quality

Quality Control System at Harsons encompasses a and exhaustive series of bacteriological, chemical, physical and visual tests; and inspections at each pertinent stage in production cycle i.e. from constant surveillance of raw materials, intensive in-process control of all manufactured parts and sub-assemblies to final inspection and testing of finished products. Our policy is based on proactive Quality Assurance.

Harsons has successfully implemented a well documented QMS (Quality Management System) which has been accredited by JAS-ANZ with ISO 9001:2000 thus making the entire product range compliant with International Quality Standards.